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Brought to you by the InVade Clan

Welcome to The Metgames, your source for Magic, Hearthstone, and Overwatch tips and tricks. Brought to you by InVade Clan, we aim to help out players who look to improve their game, have a better understanding of the meta, or maybe just to run some of Xfyre’s cancerous decks. Regardless, we are here to cater to your gaming needs. Don’t be fooled, we may look put together but we lose a lot of games pretty regularly. So check out some articles, get your deck doctored, and get out there to climb the ladder.
Remember, no Hanzo is a good Hanzo.
Best of Luck!
-InVade FlyMuf is a Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Magic the Gathering player who excells at auto-locking Hanzo and testing out gross meta builds in Hearthstone (…and dropping ranks). He has achieved rank 5 in Hearthstone, and is currently a platinum ranked Overwatch Player.

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Vici ° HCBox ° Flymuf ° Xfyre ° Khaoz Kreepy ° PaXity