Underappreciated Decks – With FlyMuf

Unappreciated Decks- With FlyMuf


Let’s face it.  Today’s Hearthstone meta is cancerous.  Hunters, shamans, and more hunters.  Whatever happened to control decks? In a world of board spamming and 4 mana 7/7’s, it’s hard to win with a control deck at all…

Ever since my debut in the card game game (per se) I have been an avid control player.  In magic, I stick to control almost 100% of the time,  but when I try to find a similar deck archetype in the standard meta, I cant help but wonder what has happened to the golden days of control warrior and control priest.  Why is the ladder filled with exclusively aggro shit-heads? The answer to this question is twofold: sure, aggro decks are faster to ladder with, and they consistently outperform control decks.  Some people say that most control decks just aren’t viable anymore.  But fear not! FlyMuf is here, and together we can work through the less used, more respectable decks that are (somewhat) playable on the ladder.  These decks are less like your run of the mill control decks, and more of a midrange solution.  If you don’t feel like adding to the garbage aggro state of the ladder, these decks just might be for you!

Lets make one thing clear: there are not many Priest decks that are worth playing.  Sure, Res-Priest is okay, but it’s not consistent. I dont midrange-listbelieve that there are any Priest decks that are competitive enough to compete with the aggro nowadays. Moving on, the first class I want to talk about is Paladin.  N’zoth Paladin’s time is over, but there is hope in anyfin decks.  The deck plays a little bit like control, and with cards like Ivory Knight, Forbidden Healing, and Ragnaros the Lightlord, you can survive the first (second…third…) wave of aggro damage that you take.  On the left is my Midrange Paladin Decklist.  The general idea is to hold out until the end of the game, where you can play anyfin twice for the win.  Even with the stabilization, I find myself losing to hunters and shamans regularly.  Keep in mind that this deck excels in control match-ups and will often struggle against decks like Midrange Shaman and Secret Hunter.

Next on the list is Dragon Paladin.  Okay sure, you can say all you want about the deck, but it really isn’t very trashy.  It’s not a top tier deck, but it has potential to surprise your opponent and steal wins at high ranks. The most important assett this deck has is that you can out tempo your aggro dragon-paladinopponents, while at the same time packing the healing and stabilization that Paladin class cards offer.  Think about it:  turn two Netherspite Historian, turn three Nightbane Templar, turn four Twilight Guardian.  Save board clears and four mana 7/7’s, that kind of board presence is hard to beat, especially early in the game.  You can retain tempo by playing Consecration and Trusilver Champion on top of the board you already have.  Of course, this plays a bit less like a control deck, and goes more for the midrange option. Despite the features of this deck, anyone who has ever played hearthstone knows that you NEVER curve out.  So in conclusion with Dragon Paladin, if you can curve out a good 60%-70% of the time, you will be golden

The third, final, and I think most viable non-aggro deck is yogg & Malygos druid.  Players like Sottle and Xixo have popularized these deck archetypes and they have proven time and time again to have favorable match-ups against many aggro decks.   Because the deck plays most like control, it is the susceptible to early game aggression.  If you can control the early game with removal spells and ramp, your late game threats of Malygos, Fandral and the Giants will stomp your opponents. This deck is relatively minion light so you need to rely on your Wraths and your Swipes to maintain your grip on the boardstate.  The real downside to this deck is that after the latest card nerfs,  Yogg stops casting spells after it kills itself (which, lets be honest, happens every time).  Having Yogg as an out is a little less reliable, but it will still pull of the occasional miracle. The best way to win with this deck is to generate an OTK with Malygos & Thaurissan, or to beat your opponent down with high mana minions.

Of course, winning is fun, but are you really having fun zooing kids to death?  These decks offer some hope for those who like to play slower, higher skill cap decks that make hearthstone into a thinking game again, rather than a cancerous face-race.


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