The Grind for Legend – With InVade Xfyre

The Grind for Legend

You’ll be seeing this guy a lot…

To most Hearthstone players, achieving the rank of Legend is Hearthstone’s capstone achievement. Despite what you may have heard, getting to the rank of legend is not necessarily difficult; it does, however, require a fair amount of time, patience, and a thorough understanding of Hearthstone’s mechanics. This is intended to be a guide for newer players who want tips on how to get that innocuous orange hexagon.

1. Accept the Toxicity of the Post-Karazhan Meta

This was difficult for me. You are going to queue into Shamans and Hunters and Shamans and Hunters with little exception. Perhaps you, too, (god forbid) will be tempted to play a Shaman deck. This is okay. Everyone past about rank 5 is going to be playing the most efficient decks to ladder – it is okay for you to use these decks too. If you are serious about achieving legend, this is the easiest and least stressful way to go. Of course, if there is a deck that you are comfortable with playing and you understand it well, play that instead if you feel so inclined. I have a friend who reached legend for the first time with Reno Rogue because he was familiar with the deck. Do whatever works.

2. Don’t Tilt

Getting tilted is self-indulgent and dangerous. When you’ve just lost to the same aggro bullshit four games in a row, it almost always seems appropriate to fire right back in and play another game to “get revenge.” Do not fall into this trap. Tilting is a positive feedback loop; you are not “getting revenge” on anyone by misplaying and losing over and over again. If you feel like you are underperforming, take a break for the rest of the day. Go on a run, bake a cake, whatever. Just don’t think about Hearthstone. When you return, you will be back to performing as usual.

3. Have Friends in High Places

This seems marginal but it truly helped me push through the rank 2 slump and reach legend. Having people on your friends list who are legend or another high rank will compel you to perform better. Their success will confirm to you that your goal is attainable. Having them spectate and help out can’t hurt either. Once, I queued into a friend who, after counting lethal against me, suicided himself on my minion to give me the win. He messaged me: “get legend.” Not everyone you meet in Hearthstone is a piece of trash, and little things like this will completely restore your faith in humanity.

4. Start Early

It took me 4 days to reach rank 5 from 17 at the beginning of the month – then it took about a week and a half to go from 5 to legend. Start your grind early in the month so that you can afford to take time off; this is a great way to avoid tilting.

5. Play Your Outs

This isn’t as much advice to get legend as it is general Hearthstone advice. Sometimes, when things look bleakest in game, you need to play for a 10% chance to win or lower. Stealing the occasional win in situations where one would otherwise concede can bring that precarious win rate over 50%. If you have no other options, play for the 1/8 Rag shot. Play for the topdeck. Sometimes you will get it.

6. Create a Peaceful Grinding Environment

A friend who plays Dota 2 competitively gave me this advice. Turn the Hearthstone music and sounds off. Turn on Spotify or Pandora or whatever – grind away and jam out. This will help prevent tilting and provide some extra entertainment during those 45 minute control warrior mirrors.

7. It’s Just Statistics

At the end of the day, getting legend requires a positive win-rate and a lot of time. My win rate was about 60% but one could certainly achieve legend with lower. Pros get legend with much higher. Occasionally someone will go from rank 5 to legend without dropping a game. The end result is the same. You can’t get caught up with one individual game in particular; look at the sum of your games overall. Try playing x number of games per day; never fluctuate from this number, no matter how well you’re doing. Above all, don’t focus too much on what it actually means to have a po
sitive win-rate while laddering; just make it happen. By winning, you are making other high end players not get legend. This is inevitable because of the way ladder is structured and it’s okay. So what if they don’t get legend… they all play zoo anyways. Fuck ‘em.

If you follow these rules, you can and will make it. It’s not as far off as you think it is. Then you can shove it in your friends’ faces like I did. Add me on – Blawps2 #1400

-InVade Xfyre, tag Blawps2 #1400, is a member of Invade Clan Hearthstone and Overwatch. He is a legend player with a specialized knowledge of control warrior builds. He is also one half of the gruesome twosome “Double Deeks,” made infamous by CoD search and destroy strategies that revolved around camping with shotguns.legend2


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